A New Game Portal

Today Amazon announced that they are starting a downloadable game store. You can find it here or read more about it here. Unfortunately, the store is currently Windows only. Still, this is yet another major announcement for indie game makers.

It’s always fun to speculate what the next gold rush will be. Now that the iPhone is yesterday’s news perhaps Amazon’s marketplace will provide a fresh opportunity for the community. There are currently about 600 games on the service priced under $10. What’s not clear is how you can get your game listed, hopefully details will come soon.

What’s especially interesting about all this is the trend it underscores. There have been big portals for a while, and then there was Steam and the Xbox Live Marketplace. Finally, big players such as the iPhone’s App Store and Amazon have entered the fray. Does this signal that indie game development has grown up?


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  1. aschearer says:

    Hey Brian, nice site and some good points about this news. Also thanks for digging around and finding a means to submit a game!

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