Weekend warrior: Null Op

This weekend, I took a break from Shade to work on something fun. (I know I’m no good at following my own advice, so sue me!) Anyway, the weekend is up and so is my time for this game, or at least until I finish Shade. So, with that I present to you Null Op, a tower defense-like game:

Click on this outdated mock up to play the real thing!


It was fun to make this game and, even better, I learned a lot. I tried to use both my Fluent Effects and Sticky Buttons libraries and along the way I got well acquainted with the pain points in both. Sticky Buttons is especially hard to use — I’ll have to fix that. Fluent Effects held up well, though, and is responsible for all of the slick little effects throughout the game. Overall it was nice to see what I could do in a very short time frame, and get some validation on the techniques I’ve developed as I’ve worked on Shade.

Alright, well I hope you enjoyed it, let me know what you think in the comments!


3 Responses to “Weekend warrior: Null Op”
  1. twood says:

    maybe I’m just really bad at tower defense games, but I find this very difficult… I don’t think I ever got over 6000 points. Judging by the score in the screenshot, that is not very good…..

    I love the look of the game though!

  2. aschearer says:

    Hey twood don’t use the score int the mock up as a gauge of how you’re doing — it’s just a mock up! 6000 points is actually a good score right now. That said my current best is 30,000 points! The key to getting such a score is to find the right layout and continue using the turrets.

  3. lukeoc says:

    Hi. Enjoyed the game.

    But now I cannot uninstall it? Get an ‘unable to completely uninstall application’ error, and it remains on the programs list which is annoying. Any ideas? I’m a neat freak with my computer.

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