Adlib’s Story

Hey guys sorry I haven’t updated in a little while I’ve been busy working on Adlib. So far things are coming along well, thanks to everyone who’s signed up to beta test the game — your help has been invaluable! Anyway, today I thought I’d share some additional artwork from the game and talk about the simple story that it tells.

Adlib Storyboard by Von Caberte Adlib Storyboard

So what’s going on in Adlib? Well two siblings are visiting their grandfather who lives somewhere remote. Grandpa’s asleep, though, so what are the kids to do? Obviously, it’s time to explore some of the nooks and crannies of the house, which is when they stumble upon their grandfather’s secret library! Needless to say there’s always a penalty for discovering someone’s secret, and in this case the children have found a magic spellbook and triggered a powerful spell!

And there you have it, that’s the setting for Adlib and the motivation behind the game. I hope you’re excited and will check in next time for another update about my latest game!

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