Adlib: Play it now!

As anyone who’s been following my blog knows I’ve been hard at work on my latest game Adlib. Well today I would like to share the fruits of my efforts with you! Please give Adlib a try! More about the game after the fold.

Adlib Title First and foremost, I want to thank the people who graciously donated their time to help make Adlib better. In particular I need to thank Julia Foran and Pam Schearer both of whom have provided incredible feedback and support throughout the process. I’ve also received a lot of feedback from beta testers who volunteered. I don’t want to name names in case they wish to remain anonymous, but these guys definitely impacted Adlib for the better, and I want to reward them for their work by offering them a free copy of Adlib Extra. Thanks a lot guys!

So what the heck is Adlib? Well if you haven’t played it yet or read my past posts about it here’s the short version:

Adlib is a word game which combines the best elements of popular games such as Bookworm and Bejeweled. A fast-paced and exciting game, Adlib encourages players to expand their vocabulary while keeping them on their toes as new letters are pushed onto the board and magic spells are cast.

If you like word games then I think you’ll enjoy Adlib too. Be sure to check it out at it’s site: I wrote this game for fun, naturally, but also for Mochi’s Word Play contest so wish me luck, the competition is fierce! I also used this game as an opportunity to learn some new things about publishing and distributing Flash games. Perhaps most exciting I’ve developed an Adobe AIR version concurrently. I’m calling the AIR version “Adlib Extra” and it has a bunch of features which improve the experience, including offline play, the ability to save your game, and full screen mode! Today you can buy Adlib Extra for just under ten bucks.

Adlib In-Game Looking ahead I’ve still got some work to do on Adlib. I’m sure that as people start to play it some bugs will be uncovered. I’d also like to enhance Adlib Extra with some additional features such as local high score lists. Looking further I’m starting to think about my next project. I’m especially interested in working on a project which has user generated content — but we’ll see what happens.

Anyway, stay tuned for some more updates about the development process behind Adlib including an overview of my experiences with AIR. Of course, let me know what you think about Adlib!


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