Actionscript to iPhone Announced

Some exciting news today from Adobe. They’ve announced that the upcoming version of Flash CS will target the iPhone. This means that Flash developers will be able to ship games which natively run on that platform! Again, pretty exciting stuff. With this latest announcement there are now a number of compelling technologies which support cross platform development. Quick list and some thoughts after the fold.

Here is a brief list of technologies which support (or plan to support) a bunch of what I deem to be “important” platforms (mostly web, mobile, Windows):

  • Actionscript 3 through Flash CS5
  • Haxe
  • C# through Mono, Moonlight, and MonoTouch
  • C# through Unity

Let me know if I’m leaving anything out. For instance, if there’s some AOT compiler available for Java and the iPhone. Anyway, it’s pretty apparent that cross platform development tools are “the thing” right now, and as a developer we have a lot of options. It will be especially interesting to see how Flash games run on the iPhone. I for one would am tempted by Mono or Unity for their stronger developer tools, and if the Flash to iPhone process underdelivers that will be a major blow to the platform. What are your thoughts about the state of the trade? Do you plan on trying one of these new tools for your next game?


4 Responses to “Actionscript to iPhone Announced”
  1. Kyle says:

    I’ve always wondered, what is “the fold”. This is a digital medium, not an archaic paper one.

    On a related note, that is pretty cool that Adobe is supporting another platform. That makes me happy inside, and is making it ever tougher on me to not experiment with ActionScript.

  2. Gornova says:

    flash for sure, even if i don’t have a decent IDE :D maybe haxe, very intersting :D

    (p.s: could you link me ?)

  3. Steve says:

    I wrote a Flash game in ActionScript 2 a while back, and I was going to try to re-write / port it to the iPhone using Objective-C.. I’ll be interested to find out how well a CS5 Flash game will export to the iPhone. I do know that running Flash swfs on my MacBook Pro really tax the CPU. I can always hear the cooling fans switching on, and at high speed whenever the Flash player is used on my MacBook.

    I am concerned that the new Flash exported iPhone apps may not run very efficiently on the iPhone, use excessive battery power, and have slower movement (animation) than an Objective-C + Open GL ES written app built with the iPhone SDK. Guess we will see..

  4. aschearer says:

    It will definitely be interesting to see what happens with the next version of Flash. We’ve also got Unity which can target the iPhone and recently announced that it’s Indie license is free and then there’s Mono Touch, too. So there are really a lot of options available to us, why pick Flash over the competitors?

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