Alex Schearer at the Global Game Jam 2010 in Seattle

Welcome to Another Early Morning my personal site about game development and other technical topics. I started working on games as a way to chew on interesting problems and express myself. In the process I created this site to host my projects and record my experiences. Please play some of my games, and when you’re finished check out my blog to read about how I created them. I’m always interested in feedback or discussing game or software development, so why don’t you send me an email?

My name is Alex Schearer and I’m an engineer at Microsoft. I currently work on Exchange; more specifically I am part of a team that is coming up with the next generation of meeting and time management software for businesses. In addition to general programming, I really enjoy learning and applying design patterns and engineering best practices. So if you’re interested in discussing how to apply the “inversion of control” pattern to game development or what TDD can offer game programmers drop me a line.