Global Game Jam 2011, a post mortem

Over the weekend I locked myself away at the Art Institute of Seattle with the hopes of creating a compelling game in 48 hours. Now that the Global Game Jam is over I’d like to share the fruit of my labor and some parting thoughts. Eat, Prey, Love The event’s theme was “Extinction” so we all had to come up with game ideas around that concept. My team settled on a puzzle game where you match different links in a food chain... Read More

What are XNA Game Components?

Recently, while working with XNA I came across a few classes I hadn’t noticed before. It turns out that interfaces I often write myself, IUpdateable and IDrawable, already exist. When I found them I wanted to know more. They rarely appear in the MSDN code samples I’ve seen, and searching online, it appears most people are as perplexed as I am about what to do with them. So after playing around with these interfaces and their sibling the GameComponent... Read More

August is over: time for show & tell

It’s September already, so it’s time to pony up and show you what I’ve been working on. To be frank, this month’s game, Colorfull, hasn’t turned out as pretty as Petunk. The biggest culprit by far was Starcraft 2. That game is great. (P.S. send me an invite if you want to play, I’m on the US servers as Asterix.) At any rate, I am happy to say that Matthias and I accomplished our main goals. Now we have to decide... Read More